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Bronze Wash
  • ✔ Exterior Wash & Towel Dry
  • ✔ Tire + Wheel Wash
  • ✔ Tire Dressing & Wheel Shine


Silver Wash

  • ✔ Exterior Wash & Towel Dry
  • ✔ Tire + Wheel Wash
  • ✔ Tire Dressing & Wheel Shine
  • ✔ Windows Cleaned
  • ✔ Interior Vacuum
  • ✔ Interior Wipe Down
  • ✔ Rust Inhibitor
  • ✔ Underbody Washed


Gold Wash

  • ✔ Exterior Wash & Towel Dry
  • ✔ Tire + Wheel Wash
  • ✔ Tire Dressing & Wheel Shine
  • ✔ Windows Cleaned
  • ✔ Interior Vacuum
  • ✔ Interior Wipe Down
  • ✔ Center Console Cleaning
  • ✔ Freak Free Crystal Clear Windows
  • ✔ Floor Mats Wash
  • ✔ Rust Inhibitor
  • ✔ Underbody Washed
  • ✔ Air Freshener


Diamond Wash

  • ✔ Exterior Wash & Towel Dry
  • ✔ Tire + Wheel Wash
  • ✔ Tire Dressing & Wheel Shine
  • ✔ Windows Cleaned
  • ✔ Interior Vacuum
  • ✔ Interior Wipe Down
  • ✔ Dashboard Dressing
  • ✔ Doors Panels Complete Cleaning
  • ✔ Spray Wax & Sealer
  • ✔ Floor Mats Wash
  • ✔ Rust Inhibitor
  • ✔ Underbody Washed
  • ✔ Air Freshener
  • ✔ Tri Foam Conditioner for Total Paint Protection
  • ✔ RainX Protection


Rakhi Celebration, also known as Raksha Bandhan, is a significant Hindu festival that celebrates the bond of love and protection between brothers and sisters. The term “Rakhi” refers to a sacred thread that sisters tie around their brothers’ wrists as a symbol of their love, care, and prayers for their well-being. The festival holds deep cultural and emotional significance and is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in India and among Hindu communities around the world.

Origin and Legends:
The origin of Rakhi Celebration can be traced back to ancient Indian history and mythology. There are several legends associated with the festival, one of which involves the story of Lord Krishna and Draupadi. According to this legend, Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, tied a piece of her saree on Lord Krishna’s wrist to stop the bleeding from a battle wound. Touched by her gesture, Lord Krishna promised to protect her in times of need, and he fulfilled his promise during the infamous episode of her disrobing in the court.

Another well-known legend is that of Queen Karnavati of Chittor, who sent a Rakhi to Mughal Emperor Humayun, seeking his help and protection when her kingdom was under attack. Touched by her gesture, Humayun immediately set out to defend her kingdom.

Rakhi Celebration typically takes place during the Hindu lunar month of Shravana, which usually falls in August. On the day of the festival, sisters perform special prayers and prepare a thali (plate) with a Rakhi, vermilion (kumkum), rice grains, and sweets. Brothers, in return, offer gifts or money to their sisters as a token of their love and blessings. The ritual of tying the Rakhi is accompanied by the chanting of prayers and well-wishes for the brother’s prosperity and protection.

The festival is not limited to biological siblings; it extends to cousins, close friends, and anyone considered as a brother or sister. Rakhi Celebration symbolizes the strengthening of bonds among family members and friends, promoting unity, love, and compassion.

The Significance of Rakhi:
Rakhi Celebration holds several meanings and teachings. It emphasizes the importance of protecting and supporting one another, especially between siblings. The festival also signifies the duty of brothers to safeguard their sisters and the responsibility of sisters to offer prayers and good wishes for their brothers’ well-being. The exchange of gifts and tokens of love reflects the spirit of sharing and caring for one another.

Beyond its religious and cultural significance, Rakhi Celebration has become a symbol of harmony and unity in diverse communities. It transcends religious boundaries, and people of different faiths often participate in the festivities, fostering a sense of brotherhood and mutual respect.

In conclusion, Rakhi Celebration is a cherished and heartwarming festival that exemplifies the essence of love, protection, and togetherness among siblings and loved ones. It reinforces the importance of strong familial bonds and promotes the values of compassion, empathy, and support in society.


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